Capturing Happily Ever After: A Beginner’s Perspective

Capturing Happily Ever After: A Beginner’s Perspective

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, one of my best friends and sisters said “I do.” And If that didn’t make the day magical enough, she asked me to capture the beginning of her happily ever after.

It was just a little over a year ago that I made the decision to pursue a business in which I was the sole provider of my agency’s services. In short that meant, I was the Graphic Designer, Web Design, Brand Consultant, Marketing and Business Consultant, as well as the Photographer — who had literally just purchased my first professional camera about a week ago.

Pressure Much?

Surprisingly when she asked me to shoot her wedding, I wasn’t filled with fear. I actually was filled with excitement. This was the goal right? At some point, I knew the day would come that I might photograph a wedding and I anticipated that day. Before shooting her wedding, I received a few inquires to shoot weddings around the beginning of the summer. One of the first (and last) questions asked was, “Have you ever shot a wedding before?”

Apparently people don’t want to leave their big day up to someone who has never shot a wedding before. Who knew!?

So the day before the wedding, I was an absolute, nervous, hot stanky mess. Not only was I anxious for her having a perfect day, I was concerned about my own ability to capture her wedding in a way that, when she looked back on that day, those pictures would evoke the emotional euphoria of the day.

Again, with the pressure.

So when it was time to shoot, I found my light and I shot. I snapped continuously. I tried to capture details, faces, and love. I tried to capture the truth. It was an absolutely beautiful day. I captured what I saw happening before my eyes and it was amazing. Not perfect, but still amazing.

The things I learned from my first wedding were a lot of the things that always applied in photography, applied for weddings. Understanding focal points and how to get the best lighting may change the ideas of what you thought you would capture, but the outcome can still be something you are proud of. You will have a learning curve, but keep shooting and it will get better. Seeing the venue ahead of time and getting those practice shots in can help save a lot of time. Bring two (or three) of everything. Lastly, knowing as much as you can about the couple and the family can ensure that you capture more of what the bride and groom want to see when they look back to remember the day.

Lastly, just remember, you got this. #notetoself


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